#FrenchFriday : Cologne all the way for Mother's Day?

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Whether you're looking for gift ideas for Mother's Day or just want to sniff new fragrances, Atelier Cologne should be on your radar. The French brand has been innovating in the perfume industry since 2009 with a modern approach to an old-fashioned tradition, the eau de cologne.

Bergamote Soleil, Cedrat Ennivrant, Pomelo Paradis Mandarine Glaciale Sud Magnolia Cedre Atlas Orange Sanguine Figuier Ardent

Eau de Cologne is a fresh and generally citrusy fragrance with a lower concentration of perfume oils (around 5%, vs 15% for an eau de parfum). Cologne is light and easy-to-wear for both genders, but its scent doesn't usually last very long.

The two founders of Atelier Cologne were both cologne lovers, and they decided to modernize it by formulating what they call Colognes Absolues: olfactive creations that retain the fresh aspect of colognes, but with a higher concentration of essential oils for the lasting power of a true perfume.

Atelier Cologne has a range of almost 35 Cologne Absolues in collections inspired by metals, raw materials, citrus, the Orient... What I find great about this brand is that they offer a ton of sampler sets, which is a great way to try many different scents. I have a hard time committing to one fragrance (I always get tired of perfumes within a few weeks if I wear them every day), so I love having a library of scents that I pick from every day. Plus the sample boxes are usually very cute, which would make them a great Mother's Day gift at an affordable price!

I've tried quite a few Colognes Absolues by Atelier Cologne, and my favorites so far are Cedrat Ennivrant, Bergamote Soleil, Pomelo Paradis, Figuier Ardent and the new Clementine California. I haven't yet found one that I didn't like at all, which is very rare for me as I'm very picky with scents - but then I'm into citrus, so that helps.

Each scent is inspired by a powerful memory or moment, and they are associated with colors - in fact the full-sizes come with their own postcard, with a picture meant to tell its story.

The set that I have and that you see in the pictures is last year's Necessaire Nomade, with 8 travel-size spray vials that retails for $45. Sets of sample sizes start from $18 and travel sizes from $25, see below in Where to buy.


Atelier Cologne sampler sets would make a great Mother's Day gift on a budget. If you love to discover new fragrances and like citrusy scents, I think you'd also enjoy them as much as I do!

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