Valentine's Day: 5 common sense makeup tips

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Everything was painted pink overnight, rose petals are flying through the air all around us, and heart-shaped chocolate boxes have invaded public space: it's official, it's Valentine's Day, that day of the year when lovers have a great excuse to make out and singles to be depressed.
Valentine's Day makeup tutorials have also multiplied in the past few weeks, and while I appreciate the artistry and amazing skills of many social media stars, I want to give you real-life tips for a makeup look that makes you look pretty, but won't ruin your date night!

Red lips?

If there's one day of the year when red or bright pink lips are not the greatest idea, it's Valentine's Day, especially if you're going on a dinner date. 
Problem number 1: the not so pretty fading of many bright lipsticks while you eat, and I'm not even talking about liquid matte lipsticks here... Red ring around bald lips sounds seductive? I thought not.
Problem number 2: excuse me but do you not plan to French kiss on V Day? I know I do, and wearing bright lip color makes the exercise considerably less enjoyable... Your red lippie is either not transfer proof, and you're going to paint your partner's face - not cool - or it is, but then your lips are probably feeling very dry. Plus, even if your lipstick is transfer proof, your loved one may not know, and might be a lot less tempted by lip contact if they believe they will be covered in red pigment.

Tip: ditch red lipstick and kiss all night long! Wear a tinted balm, non-sticky lightweight gloss, or even better, a plumping gloss with a light pink tint. Sexy and kiss-proof!

Product suggestions: you could try this plumping gloss or Dior's popular tinted balm.

Yup, you can look sexy with tinted lipbalm!

Pink eyes?

Yep, hot pink or even red on the eyes may be a popular trend these days, but let's be honest, it just does not look flattering on every complexion. Try it out and take an objective look at yourself: yes it makes you look like some of your Youtube idols, but does it make you look good? Or does it make you look like you have an eye infection or high fever? In other words, is hot pink flattering for your facial features and skin tone, or is it not? For me, I know the answer is a loud and clear No it's not!
If you come to the conclusion that hot and bright pinks don't work that well for you, opt for a lighter shade of pink or more peachy tones.

Tip: a neutral eye look with shades of beige and brown also always works, and you can add a sexy twist with shimmery bronze. Or create a smokey eye for a steamy hot look!

Product suggestions: Cuir Cannage palette by Dior has the perfect bronzy shades, or use your versatile Urban Decay Naked.

Metallic cheeks?

Strong highlighters are still all the rage, and it is tempting to use your most reflective one for a night out. But consider the lighting conditions if you are planning to have a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant. The dim light will soften imperfections and flatter your skin, but could make a metallic highlighter even starker by contrast.

Tip: it's best to rely on a more subtle highlighter that will give your skin that glowing, lit-from-within effect. And whatever option you choose, don't apply a circle of highlight at the tip of your nose, unless you want to look like you just dipped it in your French fries...

Product suggestions: for a subtle glow try my favorite highlighter or the new gorgeous rose by Lancome.

Full coverage foundation?

Another very popular trend these days is to completely erase any imperfection from the face by using a full coverage foundation. The thing is, it looks absolutely great on camera, but generally less appealing in real life, and frankly it can even look scary up close. That's because it's really hard to achieve complete coverage without your face looking cakey or your foundation emphasizing your skin texture, such as pores, fine lines or dry patches. And of course it tends to make you look like you're wearing a mask.

Tip: if you plan to keep your dinner partner at arm's length, then go for it, why not. If you expect some close contact, avoid full coverage, unless you want him/her to ask what it is that you have smeared all over your face... Use a more lightweight base instead, and do some detail work with your concealer to make blemishes disappear.

Product suggestions: this serum foundation would be perfect, or a light powder foundation like this one.

False lashes?

Another must-have to achieve the "perfect" Instagram look, false lashes are tricky. If you're already a pro with application and wear them on the regular, then of course rock your fluffiest pair. If you're not too familiar with them, Valentine's Day is definitely not the day to experiment for the first time. A false lash band that is not the right length, that wasn't cut right or is not applied well makes you look like a weirdo, plain and simple.

Tip: if you're not a false lash pro already, opt for a volumizing mascara instead, and don't forget to curl your lashes before applying. You can even use a lash primer for added volume and length.

Product suggestions: I'm in love with this weird mascara with a bent wand, and I also really like the deep black color of this one for more drama. For a mascara primer look into this one, or this similar one.


My general advice when creating your Valentine's Day is: be yourself. Don't try to look like someone else, don't use products or techniques just because other people use them. Do what you think makes you look good and what you enjoy doing. If that involves metallic highlight and vampy red liquid lipstick, then happily disregard my tips and enjoy your date! Otherwise, don't feel like you have an obligation to paint yourself pink, keep my advice in mind when applying your makeup, and have fun.

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  1. So true! Just doing a look that you know works well and stays put is the best option!

  2. Same for me, if I have really bright or dark vampy lips, my hubby is really resisting kiss attempts, lol!

  3. Exactly! I have to say that my hubby prefers me with light makeup as well. I do bold looks when I feel like it, but I know he thinks I look good without anything on my face, lol!

  4. Yup, same for me... drunk or very sick! I often see pictures on Instagram with pink eye looks that make me cringe, but oh well, if the people wearing it like it, I'm not here to judge.

  5. Yes, being yourself is the most important. Trying to look like someone else is no way to celebrate a healthy relationship on Valentine's Day!


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