Public announcement: new comment system

Dear reader, this is just a quick note to let you know that after a few frustrating months and multiple bugs, I gave up IntenseDebate to manage the comments on this blog. It seems that this platform is not supported by its creators anymore, so when a problem arises there's nobody to turn to for help.

I don't like Blogger's native comment system either, so I just installed Disqus, the most popular comment app in the blogging world. I was able to import the existing comments from IntenseDebate so everything you said in the past year or so is still here, although your avatar picture is not visible any longer. I was unable to import the oldest comments left before I installed IntenseDebate, and I'm really sorry about that!

Please let me know if you notice anything looking weird on the blog or if you have any trouble using the Disqus app to leave a comment!

No comments

Unfortunately the comment system does not work on mobile phones at this time :( If you see this message and leave a comment, I will be unable to approve it, I'm really sorry about this issue!