Review: a new way to moisturize your body with Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer

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Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer review

I think I have mentioned the fact that I have very dry skin on my body several times on the blog. In fact when I lived in France, where we had real, cold winters (unlike in Southern California) it got so bad sometimes that I had major itching on my legs. No matter how much body butter I would lather on, my legs were so itchy after the shower it would keep me awake at night if I showered in the evening! I would end up scratching furiously, only aggravating the irritation, but hey, my willpower has its limits...

Luckily I haven't experienced the dreaded itch since I moved to the land of the perpetual sun, but I still have very dry skin that needs to be pampered every day. Of course applying moisturizer to your entire body everyday takes time, that precious resource we all wish we had more of. So when I started hearing about in-shower moisturizers last year, I got very excited: I thought that if I could apply my body moisturizer during my shower, it would probably absorb much faster and cut the time needed by at least half! I was ready to buy a random one when I received Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer With Nourishing Monoi Oil in the Influenster Wellness VoxBox last fall. I've taken my time to test it, here are my thoughts, finally:

I liked

- Some brands of in-shower moisturizers make products that have to be rinsed off, but Jergens Wet Skin doesn't need to be. You're supposed to apply it to wet skin after showering, then use your towel to pat your body dry as usual. It's really super fast, taking only seconds.

- The monoi scent is a bit sweeter than real monoi (which is coconut oil infused with tiare flowers, a type of gardenia growing in Tahiti) but it's light and pleasant. I know there are other scents in the range but this is the only one I've tried so far.

- The product only needs to be massaged into wet skin for seconds before it disappears. I was afraid that it would make my bath towels dirty very fast (after all you're patting dry just applied moisturizer!) but it didn't. I didn't feel the need to wash the towels more often than usual.

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer review: texture

I didn't like

- The texture is quite greasy, and it leaves my skin feeling a bit oily, even after towel drying.

- While it does contain a tiny bit of sweet almond oil and coconut oil, these two ingredients are at the very end of the list, well below the parabens, while mineral oil is very high (third ingredient). Don't get me wrong, mineral oil is not the evil that many people think it is, but it's a very cheap ingredient that coats the skin rather than actively moisturizing it. The formula is really sub-par, with nothing that's particularly good for your skin in a sizable amount except for glycerin. I know Jergens is a drugstore brand, but this formula is truly mediocre, you can find much better even at this price.

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer review: ingredients list
Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer With Nourishing Monoi Oil ingredients list

- It simply doesn't work as intended! Yes, it's fast to apply, but it doesn't provide enough moisture to my skin, so I just can't skip the regular post-shower body lotion or butter. That completely defeats the purpose! After use the skin on my body is slightly greasy but not nourished at all, so it feels uncomfortably dry within minutes. I can see the "lizard scales" coming back, proving that my skin is very dry, and that's still true now that the weather is warm. The Wet Skin Moisturizer was supposed to replace my regular body moisturizer so I could get ready faster, not be an added step in my morning routine! Worse, I don't think that using Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer PLUS my regular body lotion moisturizes my skin better than using JUST my usual lotion...

- Since I wasn't satisfied with its moisturizing power, I tried to recycle the Wet Skin Moisturizer as a shaving cream, but that didn't work at all. It's not its intended purpose, so I can't really complain about that, but the product would get stuck between the many blades of my razor, rendering it very ineffective.


Great idea, but poorly performing product. I think Jergens needs to tweak the formula so that the Wet Skin Moisturizer can do what it promises: moisturize the skin well enough to replace body lotions. I bet using less mineral oil and more nourishing, antioxidant-rich vegetal oils and butters would go a long way... For me the current formula just doesn't work! If you have normal skin without dryness issues and you like to have a glowy finish (like when you use body oils), maybe you'd like it more than I did.

Have you tried in-shower moisturizers? Did you find one you liked?

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