Spring Makeup Collections Roundup - Part II

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After looking into Dior, Guerlain and Lancôme's new products in Part I, let's continue to explore Spring 2016 makeup collections with Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy and Clarins!

Chanel: LA Sunrise

Chanel Spring 2016 Makeup Collection: LA Sunrise

This year's collection by Chanel surprised me because the products and promo pictures evoke summer more than spring: no pastels or soft petal shades for Chanel, but bright corals and oceanic blues!

The most exciting piece in the collection is the beautiful Sunkiss Ribbon Blush. Beyond that little work of art, Chanel is launching a new eyeshadow quad called Tissé Beverly Hills, 3 new shades of their popular Illusion d'Ombre eyeshadow, some new shades of Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks and waterproof Stylo Yeux eyeliner, a purple Le Volume Mascara and a blue nail polish, Sunset Trip (very uneventful if you ask me, Chanel usually does better with their new lacquer launches!).

Yves Saint Laurent: Boho Stone

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2016 Makeup Collection: Boho Stone

YSL Fusion Ink Blush

Inspired by Bohemian lifestyle and mineral pastels, YSL's collection has only started to pop up in online stores, and I have yet to find the brand new product it's supposed to contain, the Fusion Ink Blush.

For now, only the Indie Jaspe eyeshadow palette, and the Gypsy Opale face palette, both with gorgeously decorated compacts, are easily available, together with two beautiful opalescent nail lacquers and a couple of new Glossy Stain shades. A bunch of new Volupté Glosses and two colorful Effet Faux Cils mascaras should also follow.

YSL also just launched the re-formulated Touche Eclat foundation, and a brush to apply it. I really loved the original Touche Eclat foundation, so I'm hoping that this one will be even better!

And finally, YSL is also jumping on the cushion foundation bandwagon (liquid foundation in a compact with a sponge container), with the Fusion Ink Foundation Cushion coming out some time in February.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Cushion

Givenchy: La Révélation Originelle

Givenchy Spring 2016 Makeup Collection: La Revelation Originelle

This new launch by Givenchy is a Spring/Summer collection, but it has a very spring-y feel with etheral looks and glowing skin. I'm happy to see that it's already available in stores, but even more disappointed that the brand's holiday collection never fully made it!

Anyways, this year, Givenchy is launching a pretty highlighter that will probably sell out fast, a new Prisme Blush, lip care products (a Mister Scrub and the tinted Mister Gentlebalm in a jar), plus new bright colors in their Ombre Couture formula.

The brand has also released a brand new lipstick, the Rouge Interdit Vinyl Color Enhancing Lipstick, that promises to blur lip imperfections with a high-shine formula infused with black rose oil. It comes in 12 nude to vampy shades.

Clarins: Instant Glow

Clarins Spring 2016 Makeup Collection: Instant Glow

Unfortunately, whenever Clarins launches a new collection in Europe, a lot seems to get lost at sea when it crosses the Atlantic. The spring collection is supposed to include a BB Skin Detox Fluid and a small eye palette, but neither are showing up anywhere in the US.

What we did get here are the new shades of Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, Toffee Pink and Plum Shimmer, the Multi-Blush Cream Blush in Rose, and the Ombre Iridescente Cream To Powder Eyeshadows (maybe you remember the matte version that launched last year I believe).

What spring trends do you prefer? Do you already have a favorite look for spring?

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