Review: Hask Keratin Smooting Hair Care Collection

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Since I recently discovered that keratin is my hair's best friend, I was eager to try more affordable hair care products that contain it - so when I was offered to test the Keratin Smoothing Hair Care Collection by upcoming brand Hask, I didn't think twice! 

The range includes a shampoo, a classic conditioner, a deep conditioner, and a treatment oil, all containing generous amounts of keratin, the protein our hair and nails are made of. The line promises to soften, renew, control frizz and revitalize the hair, thanks to the strengthening power of keratin. All of the products are also free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, drying alcohol and artificial colors (gluten too, but gluten intolerance symptoms appear when it's ingested, not applied to your hair anyway...). The products all share the same scent, a sweet berry fragrance that I think will please most people, even though I'm personally not a fan (but it doesn't really linger after rinsing so I don't really mind). 

Let's take a closer look at each individual product in the range: 

Keratin Smoothing Shampoo ($5.99): I like that it doesn't contain harsh cleansing agents like SLS, but gentler, coconut-based ones instead. Besides the keratin, it also contains beneficial oils: coconut, sesame and jojoba. As far as I can tell, it's also silicone-free (by the way the ingredients list on Ulta's website for this shampoo is wrong. It's completely different from what I have on my bottle). 
A little goes a very long way with this shampoo, so a tiny amount produces a lot of thick, cushy lather, as long as you add enough water to the mix. At the rate I'm using it I would expect the 12 fl. oz. bottle to last at least 4-5 months! It makes my hair feel perfectly clean but not dried out. Overall I think it's a great value at $5.99. 

Keratin Smoothing Conditioner ($5.99): this is my least favorite product in the collection, it just doesn't work for my hair type. I have long, thin but wavy hair with very dry tips that get insanely tangled, so I need a really rich, nourishing conditioner that adds a lot of slip to help detangle my mane. Unfortunately this one isn't intensive enough for me, so when I use it I need to follow with more leave-in conditioning treatment than usual. It's also quite thick and a little hard to get out of the bottle, even when brand new. 

Keratin Smoothing Deep Conditioner ($2.99): this one works a lot better for me. It comes in a little packette, and since there's enough product for multiple uses, even on my long hair, I wish it was resealable. 
This performs best as directed, applied after shampoo and left on for 10 minutes. I tried to use it as a pre-shampoo mask but it didn't do much like that. It does help detangle my hair a lot better than the regular conditioner, and it also feels more moisturizing to my damaged tips. The texture is a cream, on the thicker side but easy to spread on the lengths of my hair, and it rinses well. 

Keratin Smoothing Shine Treatment ($2.99): this little vial of oil really makes my hair shinier, and it also helps detangle. I apply it to wet hair after towel drying gently. It seems to penetrate the hair fibers really well, and it doesn't leave my hair looking or feeling greasy at all - but of course I focus on the lengths, not the roots. The vial looks tiny, but you only need a very small amount each time, so it will last a good while. 

My hair after using the line: air-dried, no styling or other treatment


The Hask Keratin Smoothing Hair Care line is a great value if you want keratin-enriched products to strengthen your hair, especially if you can score it during one of Ulta's regular sales. When I use all the products together my hair is definitely smoother and less prone to frizz, and the treatment oil adds a nice shine. I don't get more volume or softness to the touch, but stronger, revitalized hair is what I'm really after. 

Where to buy: Ulta, see prices below. 

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