Throwaways Vol I

I always have a hard time throwing stuff away, any kind of stuff, but beauty products in particular. I hate to waste, I have been raised with the idea that wasting is shameful, and getting rid of something old/atrocious/expired requires a huge effort from me. Since collecting unused crap is not getting me anywhere, I am starting to document my de-cluttering adventure. Be warned, none of the products in this post are worth your time and hard-earned money! 

First, I have 2 Wet N Wild Juicy Lip Balm SPF 15 in Watermelon and Red Raspberry. Of course they're old: I kept them in my bathroom cabinet for at least 2 years hoping they would magically disappear... I liked the idea of fruity lip balms and I thought that a balm containing sunscreen was a good idea for me, living in Sun Diego. Great concept but terrible product... The balms smell really good, especially the Watermelon one, but the taste is so awful I couldn't stand wearing them. I tried multiple times but couldn't get over the bitterness. To make things worse, the tubes look like they took a beating, and that's after being transported in my purse maybe 3 times total... They're cracked and the Watermelon clear cap became partly opaque. Whatever, big fail and I'm finally throwing them to the trash (I wouldn't donate a used 2-year old lip balm for obvious hygiene reasons). If you want to experience the bitter horror yourself, you can still find them on

Next up for destruction is an aloe and cucumber peel off mask by Petal Fresh. I also bought this one about 2 years ago online. I'm usually not very lucky with peel off masks, but this is the worst I've ever tried. It doesn't form a solid film when drying, so it's impossible to peel it off because it tears. I can only peel small pieces off, and then it sticks to skin so well that it pulls hard enough to be actually painful. I've accidentally pulled out eyebrow hair with this one! I don't think a mask should hurt my skin, thank you very much. Again, this one is too old to donate, and I don't wish that on anyone anyway. 

Next, Wet N Wild Mega Liner in black. This is an interesting liquid liner because it dries down to a completely matte finish. 

That's kind of cool and unusual, and I really don't understand why the brand doesn't market it as a matte liner, but whatever. Unfortunately, this liner is plagued by 2 main problems: first it's thick as goo. Admittedly, it probably got thicker with time, but right now it's so thick that I can't possibly draw a clean line with it, as it skips and won't self-level; the other issue is that it can't be anywhere near something humid - too bad, eyes are humid... This liner is like the anti-waterproof. The tiniest amount of water, like my eyes being a little watery during allergy season, and it feathers, smudges and transfers everywhere. I could actually clean it off with plain cold water. Not good, and still too old to give to someone else. This liner is also available from if you're into matte liner and are ready to use some kind of sealant. 

Finally, I'm getting rid of 2 shower gels. They've been sitting unused in my shower for at least 2 years for the Bath & Body Works one, a little less for the Victoria's Secret's. Why throw away shower gel? Well, the BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar smells like sugar overdose, I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it. The Victoria's Secret Sparkling Citrus smells good, but the packaging is a piece of junk. It's still half full, but it's almost impossible to get the gel out. I guess the thicker consistency of the gel paired with the tall, rigid bottle and tiny opening are causing this problem. I have very limited patience for crappy packaging, and I just don't use it because it annoys me each time. I left these 2 shower gels outside for someone to grab (there are unfortunate people who go through the trash containers in my neighborhood, and I know from a conversation I had with one of these guys that hygiene products are much needed), and someone did within a few hours. At least they'll be useful! 

The products featured in this review were purchased by Lulle. I received no compensation to write this post, which only reflects my personal opinion. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. I try to use up every product, too, as I figure I spend my hard earned money on it, but sometimes you just can't take it.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Yeah I tried with these products (for years!) but I just couldn't, they were too bad.

  2. THANK YOU. You just saved me from a potential WnW liner mess. Every time i go grocery shopping at a certain chain, this liner winks at me.

    I'm not usually one for cloyingly sweet scents, but that BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar is a particular weakness of mine. I need it every winter. :)

    1. I can see that scent being perfect for someone who likes sweet fragrances but I really don't, so that was a poor choice on my side. Actually it might have worked for me it on really cold winter days, when I'm craving eggnog or hot and sweet - but we don't have those in San Diego!

      The WnW liner is not worth your time unless you really want to try and play with something matte. I'm still looking for a good, cheap black liner from the drugstore, preferably with a felt tip applicator. Do you have a favorite? I hear a lot of good things about L'Oreal liners.


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