A taste of Hawaii with OPI Just Lanai-ing Around

OPI Just Lanai-ing Around Hawaii collection plum pink rose berry mauve nail polish.

Never having been to Hawaii is one of the major dramas of my life. Everybody and their mother seems to be going to Hawaii EXCEPT FOR ME. When I first moved to the West coast, visiting Hawaii was one of my top priorities. 3 years later, it has yet to happen, and I'm bitterly bitter about it! Of course, when OPI launched their Hawaii collection for Spring, I had to avenge my broken dreams and get some new colors. 

Just Lanai-ing Around is more of an urban shade than a paradise island color if you ask me, but it's very pretty nonetheless. OPI describes it as a dark creamy mauve. To me, it looks quite warm, kind of a berry-plum medium toned shade in a cream finish

The formula was good but not OPI at its finest. I kept swiping my brush on the side of the bottle but always ended up with too much polish anyway, and I have a few visible brush strokes. The texture is very fluid and applies easily with the wide flat brush. 

The color is quite darker than in the bottle, and it gets darker as you add more layers. I have 2 layers on my nails except for the middle finger that has 3, and you can tell it's darker and more purple. Pictures are with top coat (Sally Hansen Insta-Dry). There's the faintest trace of super-fine silver shimmer if you look really close in direct sunlight, but it looks more like a cream otherwise. In terms of wear, it's close to my average with 3 days before it starts chipping. 

Overall: a nice basic shade of warm plum, not as tropical as expected, but still a good choice for colorful yet wearable nail polish.

Where to buy: at your local OPI retailer or online on Ulta's website.

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