Emma Stone wears Revlon on Oscars Red Carpet

While the most coveted awards have gone to a movie about... movies and actors (again), as usual the real Oscars show happened on the red carpet, when the most glamorous movie stars of our time show off in their designer dresses. It's like a fashion show with the most expensive styles on earth. 

Today I heard refreshing Oscars makeup news, as I learnt that one of the most talented and successful young actresses wore makeup that I could actually buy without endangering my credit score! 
Emma Stone, the stunning redhead, paired her Elie Saab dress with a Revlon lipstick. 

According to the brand, Emma was wearing Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in shade Tulip, a bright peachy coral - as well as Photoready Prime+ Anti-shine Balm.

Where to buy? Revlon products are available at your local drugstore and online at drugstore.com

Pictures and information provided by PR representatives for Revlon.  I received no compensation to write this post, which only reflects my personal opinion. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Such a pretty color. Too bad I can't have a look at it in stores here in Germany.


    1. Hi Linda!
      You don't have this lipstick range in Germany? I know Revlon launched it recently in France.


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