Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation: is it worth it?

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Just a few months after launching the controversial Star foundation (which I didn't like, see my review here), Dior recently released a brand new formula in their Diorskin range, the Nude Air Serum

It is part of a new generation of foundations, started by Armani with their Maestro, with a completely liquid texture, hence the name Serum. It feels almost as fluid and light as water, which was surprising for a first-time user like me. It will drip through my fingers if I'm not careful, and I still have a hard time figuring out how much product I should be using. 

However its silky texture (due to silicones? Let me know if you have the full ingredients list) makes it incredibly easy to apply with fingertips. It feels airy, completely weightless, and very fresh on my skin. 

Comparing the old Diorskin Nude with the new Nude Air
Shades are not quite as dark and not as orange in reality

The first time I tried it, I was very surprised by how beautiful it made my skin look. It's absolutely invisible on my face, and I feel like I'm not wearing anything, however my skin looks healthy and almost perfect. The finish also looks very natural, neither matte nor really dewy, but somewhere in between, like healthy skin. 

My biggest complaint with Star was that it emphasized pores and textures terribly. I'm happy to report that Nude Air Serum does not do that at all. It blurs imperfections and makes pores slightly less noticeable, while its sheer to medium coverage evens out skin tone beautifully. 

I don't have very dry skin or flaky areas so I wouldn't be able to tell you how it works with them, but on my combination skin it is neither hydrating nor drying. I did read that it contained alcohol, but again I don't have the ingredients list to verify the information. Another confusion comes from Nordstrom, which lists it as having an SPF25, while nobody else, including dior.com that I checked in both their US and French versions, mentions any sun protection. If not having an SPF is a deal-breaker for you, I would go to a counter and ask, to be sure! I'll definitely do it next time I have a chance. 

Let's take a look at the before/after pictures: 

As you can see, the coverage is relatively sheer but diminishes imperfections nicely. Take a look at 3 particular spots: my forehead, where freckles are less noticeable after; the red spider veins around my nose, which are mostly gone; the 2 recent pimple scars near my mouth that look red before, but are barely visible after. I think I don't look like I'm wearing makeup in the After picture, my skin just looks better, and it lasts all day long without fading. 

Overall: I don't say that very often about foundations, but Diorskin Nude Air Serum is just fantastic. If you've been looking for a "my skin but better" foundation, this is it. It's like a fresh breeze that gives you almost perfect skin in seconds. 

Where to buy? Your usual Dior counter, or see online retailers below.

The product featured in this review was tested with a sample provided at a beauty counter, the same small sample jar you as a customer can receive upon request. I received no compensation to write this post, which only reflects my personal opinion. This post contains affiliate links.

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