Chantecaille 15 Year Eye Shade Trio, and baby elephants

Chantecaille is really a brand I can relate to. Founded by Sylvie Chantecaille, a French woman who made her life in the USA, the brand focuses on the quality of their formulation. Chantecaille is a "niche" luxury brand, with a more restricted range of products and a more selective distribution than mainstream high-end brands like Chanel or Dior. 

What really got me hooked was Chantecaille's involvement in philanthropy, with a focus on endangered species. What they do is use their notoriety to draw attention to causes through limited edition collections, released every year, the proceeds of which (or parts of the proceeds? I wasn't able to find detailed information on that) are donated to a charity that works in the field to protect the species. Recent collections have included gorgeous palettes in support of sharks, bees, horses, and elephants. 

This is how I became aware that African elephants will be extinct by 2025 if poaching continues at the same level, and that an elephant is killed for its ivory every 15 minutes. I discovered the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust through Chantecaille's Elephants limited edition collection, an amazing foundation based in Kenya for the preservation of the African elephant. I strongly encourage you to take a look at the DSWT's website and read about their work. Their most famous action is their Nairobi orphanage where they raise baby elephants separated from their mothers (most of which were killed by poachers for ivory) to adulthood in order to release them in the wild. This takes about 10 years per orphan, and takes a lot of milk bottles and love. Consider fostering a orphan elephant to support the DSWT's work (minimum is $50 for a year)- in fact, it's almost impossible NOT to do it after reading the orphans stories and seeing the pictures of these incredibly tiny, defenseless baby elephants that they take care of. I'm currently fostering Kamok. 

For the 15th anniversary of the brand, Chantecaille released a small limited edition palette called the 15 Year Eye Shade Trio in support of elephants, butterflies and sea turtles. The charities benefiting from this release are the DSWT, the Monarch Butterfly Fund and WIDECAST

The palette is housed in a beautiful gunmetal shiny compact (prone to keeping fingerprints), decorated with Sylivie Chantecaille's signature. It contains 3 eyeshadows in classic neutral shades, each imprinted with one of the endangered animals. 

The elephant is warm plumy brown, the butterfly is a pearly vanilla with faint pink shimmer (that doesn't really translate on the eye) and the turtle is a coppery caramel with rose gold reflections. 

The pigmentation level is medium, as these are not really made to deliver a super saturated look, but they can be applied wet for more intensity. The elephant shadow's texture was nicely pigmented and easy to work with, while the butterfly was very soft, to the point of being a little powdery (this one is much more noticeable when used wet). The turtle shade has larger shimmer and feels drier, it is also sheer even when applied wet. I don't think this is a palette for someone who likes very dramatic looks, but it works really well for those who prefer more subtle and subdued makeup. 

The colors reminded me of a new Dior 5 Couleurs that I recently purchased, Cuir Cannage. Here's a comparative swatch of Dior Cuir Cannage vs Chantecaille 15 Year Trio.

Left, 3 colors from the Dior Cuir Cannage quint - Right Chantecaille 15 Year trio

The shades really complement each other beautifully and I have worn them in a very nude look (butterfly all over the lid, turtle in the crease, elephant along the lash lines), classic day look (turtle on mobile lid, elephant in outer corner, butterfly on brow bone), as well as an evening smoky look (elephant around the eye in a halo, turtle in crease, butterfly on brow bone and inner corner). 

Overall: Chantecaille 15 Year Eye Shade Trio is a stunningly beautiful palette, a little piece of luxury for an affordable $68 - part of which is going to support a noble cause. I highly recommend it to people who like softer, polished looks, and it would also make a gorgeous luxury gift for the quality-seeking women in your life. 

Where to buy: at a Chantecaille counter or on their website, or on ,

The product featured in this review was purchased by Lulle. I received no compensation to write this post, which only reflects my personal opinion. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. This palette is absolutely gorgeous! It's so pretty though, I think I'd be afraid to use it haha.

    1. I will be very sad when the animals on the shadows start fading away, but that doesnt stop me :D


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