Michael Kors Bronze Powder in Flush: review

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You probably know that popular fashion designer Michael Kors launched a beauty collection a little while ago. The range is limited, with only lip products, bronzers and nail lacquers, and divided in 3 looks: Sporty, Glam and Sexy. The beautiful Bronze Powder had been calling my name for a while, and I finally purchased it in Flush, the shade part of the Sexy look. Surprisingly, the sales associates at the first Macy's I went to didn't seem interested in promoting this line and I got so little help that I decided to just order it online, choosing my shade based on swatches from fellow bloggers. 

The most obvious thing about Michael Kors Bronze Powders is that they are enormous. Really. I don't think I've ever seen such a large pressed powder in my life. The compact looks over-sized, and that's because it contains a LOT of product: there's 21 g of pressed powder in there (.74 oz). For comparison, MAC bronzing powders are 10 g (.35 oz) and retail for $25. So in fact, Michael Kors Bronze Powders are cheaper, since they're exactly twice the price, $50, but contain a little more than double the amount of product. That's something to consider if you're turned away by the high end price tag. 

The compact itself, although large, is quite thin so it fits in my purse or makeup bag easily (if you use a tiny pouch for your makeup that's not gonna happen of course). I think the golden plastic compact with the name of the brand engraved and false rivets looks pretty classy. It does, however, show fingerprints and small scratches. I wish it came in a velvet pouch to protect its flawless shiny finish (like Guerlain and Dior products do). 

The mirror inside covers the whole interior of the lid, so it is huge and therefore actually useful to do your makeup on the go. I can see my entire face in it when I hold it close. If I ever finish the powder (which is probably never gonna happen), I will definitely keep the compact for this giant mirror. 

Enough about the packaging, let's talk about the powder itself. This powder is one of the most finely milled products I have come across. It is so fine that it has virtually no grains, and it almost applies like a cream. There is a little stiffness when you run your finger on the surface, but I've never had a problem getting enough product on my brush. This grain-free imperceptible texture allows for an incredibly natural finish that blends into your skin without being really there. If you dislike products that sit on top of the skin or look powdery, I think you might want to try this. It has a flowery scent that I don't really like, but it's light enought that you can't smell it once applied to your face. 

The pigmentation is excellent, and you need to apply with a light hand if you don't want to overdo it. Flush is a rosy beige that becomes very warm on my skin, with a glowy frosted finish. It's a beautiful shade that warms up my complexion without the brownish muddy undertones a lot of bronzers have. The frosted finish makes it more of an illuminating bronzer, so if you're looking for something to sculpt and contour, this is probably not the right product for you (in this case check Glow, a more neutral shade with a satiny finish). 

I like my face makeup to be natural, so I apply Flush with a very soft, fluffly brush using the classic 3-E technique: starting on the forehead at the hairline, run your brush in a curve that goes through your temple to your cheekbone, then another curve from your cheek to your chin along the edge of your face. The whole shape makes a 3 on your right side and an E on your left. I usually come back to the cheeks to build a little more color there (and don't use a blush). The result is a very luminous, sun-kissed glow that makes me look healthy and happy! It doesn't emphasize pores or skin texture despite the frosty finish. I really love the way it makes me look polished and radiant without being too much. 

Overall: Michael Kors Bronze Powder in Flush is definitely a statement piece in my makeup collection. But I'm not going to just keep it on display, since it's also an incredibly flattering high-quality product. It has quickly become my favorite face product and works as a great complexion enhancer. 

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