Guerlain Météorites Bubble Blush in Cherry: a pop of fresh color for spring!

When I first saw pictures of the cute new Guerlain Météorites Bubble blushes I knew I wouldn't be able to resist: I love cream blush, I'm a fan of Guerlain's mythic Météorites, and I'm usually a sucker for spring makeup collections. It feels so good to jump into the rebirth of spring in the middle of the winter (note that San Diego winter is not that... wintery, especially this year so far)! Anyway, the entire Météorites Blossom collection by Guerlain is absolutely gorgeous and I decided to buy the Météorites Bubble blush in Cherry, a bright fuchsia pink (the other shade, Pink, is a light baby pink, not a peach at all as you may think from Nordstrom's website picture).

The $42 price tag definitely makes it a luxury product but I decided to indulge. This precious little blush is housed in a pretty round white plastic case with a transparent lid. Very "bubbly" indeed, and quite classy with Guerlain monogram on top. 

The blush itself has this delicious classic violet fragrance that Guerlain has been using for their face powders for ages. The texture is like a stick blush, a solid cream to powder that feels silky and soft. I think it's best to just tap or gently swipe it directly on the cheeks where you need the color and blend the edges with fingers. It is nicely pigmented and yields a good amount of color in one swipe, but it's also easy to build for a more intense look. Applying it like this is really simple and quick! 

One swipe

The fuchsia looks very fresh on my cheeks, with a natural, silky matte finish. It's not shimmery, not dewy, and the texture totally disappears on the skin without leaving any sticky residue on the surface. The blush lasts really well on me, with only minor fading by the end of my work day. 

Overall: a pricey indulgence that, in my opinion, is worth every penny. It's cute, it smells divine when you apply it, and it refreshes and brighten the whole face! 

Where to buy: at department stores, online at usual Guerlain retailers.

The product featured in this review was purchased by Lulle. I received no compensation to write this post, which only reflects my personal opinion.


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    1. The Meteorites Bubble is a lot more pigmented in my experience. I didn't like the Body Shop blush when I tried it in a store and I didn't buy it!


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