Clinique All About Shadow duo in Beach Plum

When Clinique recently released their re-vamped eyeshadow formula, Beach Plum duo is the one that caught my eye, and I bought it when Sephora had their VIB 20% off event. I can't say that I've had much experience with the old formula, so I won't be able to compare it to the new one. 

The duo is housed in a sleek compact with a mirror-like top (the palm tree in the picture is in my yard, not on the lid :P) and a partially transparent body. It comes with a sponge-tip and brush double applicator, but the brush side is too small and too soft to be really useful. 

Beach Plum duo is composed of a shimmery warm sandy beige and a medium plum with golden shimmer. The beige shade has a soft, buttery texture with a nice level of pigmentation, and it applies and blends smoothly. The plum shade feels a little more gritty to the touch, and it is also drier and sheerer than the beige. I do feel like it performs better on the eye than it swatches, since I am able to build it to satisfying intensity without much effort. 

Don't expect this duo to be fully opaque or insanely pigmented: it creates more of a soft, subdued everyday look. This is no Urban Decay eyeshadow, but it's in line with the rest of Clinique makeup range: foolproof, user-friendly products for wearable looks that flatter rather than transform. 

I've been using the plum shade on the lid up to the crease and the beige on the brow bone, or the beige all over the lid with the plum in the crease and outer corner. Both looks are very easy to do and really pretty. This duo is a good color choice for green eyes, with the warm undertones of the beige and the plum shade both making green pop. The lasting power is good, with a base (I always use one) I didn't have any creasing and only slight fading at the end of my work day, and I didn't have any fallout either during application or during wear. 

Overall: Beach Plum is a solid duo of warm eyeshadows for people who like work-friendly, wearable shades. If you prefer full pigment and bold makeup, this might not be the right choice for you. 

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