Dior Frimas (318) Diorific Vernis nail lacquer for Holiday 2013: swatches, review

Dior Holiday 2013 collection inspired by the Versailles castle, a masterpiece of classical architecture, features new shades of Diorific nail lacquer, including Frimas. So far, I only spotted Frimas at my local Neiman Marcus, where I bought it, while other stores had either not yet received the collection, or only had a couple shades available (usually Marilyn, a bright red, and Minuit, a plum with golden sparkle). 

The bottle of these limited edition lacquers is a real eye candy: it looks like a Christmas ornament you could hang in your tree! (great, now I'm fantasizing about a tree decorated with Diorific lacquers...). The rounded glass bottle is topped with a golden plastic cap. It looks quite luxurious, although a metal cap would have been the perfect finishing touch. 

When open, the cap reveals a flat brush with a very short stem. At first I was surprised at how short it is, but then I felt like it made it very easy to maneuver and control the brush. The texture of the lacquer is a tad thick, but it did not cause any particular difficulty during application. The opacity is good after 2 coats, but the finish is just moderately shiny. Note that all swatches were made with a top coat (just because I can't live without a fast drying top coat. I'm not patient enough), showing a glossier result than the lacquer by itself. 

Frimas is a rosy nude with tiny flecks of gold. I think the color looks darker on the nail than in the bottle. It looks almost as if it was frosted with gold. This is not an exuberant holiday color, but it will be easy to wear on any occasion, and the golden shimmer makes it an interesting, eye-catching yet classy shade. I have not been able to test the wear time yet, but I'll make sure to update this post when I see the first signs of wear. 

Overall: Frimas is a very unique color in my collection, I can't think of any dupe for it. The quality is as expected for a high-end brand like Dior, and so is the price ($26). This glamorous yet wearable shade in a gorgeous bottle would also make a great gift for a nail polish lover. 

The product featured in this review was purchased by Lulle. I recieved no compensation to write this post, which only reflects my personal opinion.

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