BA Star, high performance makeup (promo code inside!)

If you've ever been on a stage or performing in public, you know that you need long lasting, high impact, reliable makeup that will go through the act no matter what. BA Star is a makeup brand providing this kind of products for dancers, cheerleaders, performing artists, or anyone looking for bold and durable makeup. I have received 2 products for review, the Glue Shadow Base and the Stardust in Bronze

The Glue Shadow Base is a sticky liquid base that comes in a clear tube with a doe-foot applicator. It really transforms any powder shadow by intensifying the color and the shine A LOT. Anything can become opaque on top of this glue, and shimmers turn into metallics! 

It also does a great job at keeping your shadow or glitter in place and making it last forever. Because its texture is so thin but not runny, this "glue" is also perfect to line and draw: just get some on a thin or angled brush and dip into any loose shadow powder to use as an eyeliner, or to create patterns. 

The Stardust is a shimmery loose shadow which works best on top of the glue base. Bronze is a beautiful warm shade, with strong orange undertones and a stunning metallic sheen when applied with the base. It's definitely a show-stopper! 

Beyond using it on the lids as an eyeshadow, it can look great dusted on the cheeks or body as a highlighter, or even on the lips to add shimmer to any lipstick. 

Both the Glue Shadow Base and Stardust are very versatile products that can be used on the face and body in a lot of different ways. Anyone looking for multi-tasking, solid makeup should take a look at the brand. 

Both products are sold for an affordable price of $8.75 on BA Star website: 
There are a lot of shades of glitters and Stardust to choose from! Here's the promo code for the blog readers, to get 50% off through September 30th: BBDUST .

This post is powered by BrandBacker. I received the free samples for review from the brand. My opinion on the featured products is honest and based on my personal experience when testing them.

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