Stila Countless Color Pigment: Finale

Countless Color Pigments by Stila have to be the coolest looking new makeup product released in 2013. Each one comes with 3 different shades mixed together in random splatter patterns, and the colors combinations look vibrant and fun. Depending on the shades, they can be used as blushers, eyeshadows, or both. Unfortunately, as awesome as they may look in the pan, they're definitely not the best new powder formula out there... 

I bought Finale, a stunning mix of golden peach, burnt orange and pink. It's so gorgeous in the pan that I couldn't resist it, even though I was disappointed by the texture when I swatched them in the store. 

It's seriously powdery, too dry and stiff to my liking, and I have issues with the pigmentation: it's too sheer to be a good eyeshadow, but almost too intense to be easily usable as a blush. It's also very stubborn and hard to blend. As you can imagine, highly pigmented blush that refuses to blend causes application to be very tricky! 

You have to apply with a VERY light hand (a fan brush might be the best tool), and be ready to buff, buff, buff to blend out the edges. With a lot of work, I manage to make it wearable, and then it's a beautiful peachy coral color with a subtle sheen that illuminates my face. 

Overall: Countless Color Pigments might be worth the $22 if you like collecting beautiful looking makeup, or if you're ready to spend 15 min for application. Finale performs poorly due to a disappointing stiff texture, and the other shades I tested were sadly not better. 

Where to buy: online here.

The product featured in this review was purchased by Lulle. I recieved no compensation to write this post, which only reflects my personal opinion. This post contains affiliate links.  

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