Paul & Joe's eye set for Fall: purple, sparkles and butterflies

You can always count on Paul & Joe Beauty to create the cutest packaging ever. After all the kitties and flower prints these past seasons, they did again for Fall with their Fairytale collection. The Eye Color Sets CS look like they're coming straight from an enchanted world, and possibly made by elves... 

I bought the Eye Color Set CS #087, also named Peau d'Ane. This little set is the cutest thing I've seen! It's in the shape of a book, with a pretty yellow cover full of butterflies. The inside is all lavender with more butterflies and the opening sentence of a fairy tale. 

It contains a lilac pearl cream shadow, a deep gray shimmery powder shadow, and golden ivory loose sparkles in an adorable little magic potion vial. I like the mix of textures and finishes in this set. 

The cream shadow is sheer and doesn't show up as much as I'd like on my lid. I works best on top of a beige base. It's very easy to apply and to blend, and I didn't experience any creasing. The gunmetal powder shadow is nicely pigmented and also lasts well. The sparkles reflect the light beautifully, but you definitely need a good base to stick them to the lid. 

Overall: this is a very cute set for girls who like princesses and unicorns. It's also nice to create an ethereal eye look, with cool shades that will be perfect for fall. 

Where to buy: . I discovered this site when buying this set and I highly recommend it, they have outstanding customer service. Each set sells for $38. 

The product featured in this review was purchased by Lulle. I recieved no compensation to write this post, which only reflects my personal opinion. 

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