Le Couvent des Minimes : cleansing water review and a best of the brand

Le Couvent des Minimes is a lovely French cosmetics brand inspired by ingredients and recipes from the Provence region. It belongs to L'Occitane group, and it basically offers a more affordable range of similar products. Since the brand is now available in the USA at Ulta (I could only find it online on drugstore.com or dermstore.com before), I thought I give should you my picks of the brand's best products. 

Let's start with a review of their cleansing water, which is currently part of my skincare routine. Ulta does not carry the brand's face products at the moment, but hopefully they eventually will. The 3-in-1 Micellar Water is one of these multi-tasking cleansing waters that doesn't require rinsing (I think I should make an in-depth post about micellar water, which is very popular in France). 

It comes in a plastic bottle with a pretty pink label and it contains a lot of rose extracts (rose water is the 2nd ingredient), no parabens and no silicones. It's supposed to remove makeup, cleanse and tone the skin. It does a good job at removing light face makeup, like tinted cream and blush, but it's not adapted for heavier, long-lasting or waterproof makeup. It's very refreshing, has a divine rose scent and it's very gentle. It leaves the skin soft and clean and doesn't feel sticky at all (some micellar waters do). If you have dry skin and want to cleanse your face without using actual water (which is very drying), this is a great option. It also works well for combination skin, as it doesn't leave it feeling oily. Let's hope the 3-in1 Micellar Water will be sold at Ulta soon so I can use the weekly coupons to buy it! You can find it at drugstore.com or dermstore.com for now. 

Now here's a little list of the best products by Le Couvent des Minimes that Ulta does carry:
 - the shower gels are fantastic, see my full review here
- Eau des Minimes is my favorite cologne. It's a clean citrusy scent that I absolutely adore to wear in the summer. 
- the Verbena & Lemon Revitalizing Body Lotion has an invigorating lemony scent and moisturizes nicely. 

My last 2 favorite products are also not sold by Ulta (come on guys!) but available online at drugstore.com and/or dermstore.com: 
- the Skin Softening Body Balm with Honey & Shea smells so good that it's hard not to taste it. It's like comfort food for the body! It's also an amazing rich nourishing balm for dry skin or cold weather. 
- on the other end of the body cream texture spectrum, the Hydrating Body Sorbet with Verbena & Lemon is ultra-light weight and melts into the skin in seconds, leaving it hydrated and lightly scented. That's a really great product, especially for the summer. 

Overall, I encourage you to discover Le Couvent des Minimes, this is a brand that I've enjoyed for years. If you like L'Occitane style, I'm confident that you'll like these products too! 

The products featured in this review were purchased by Lulle. I recieved no compensation whatsoever to write this post, which only reflects my personal opinion. This post contains affiliate links.

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