CoverGirl Lipslicks Smoochies make my lips pretty this summer!

I know, they look like they come right out of the 80s seeking revenge... but you have to go past their cheap bright plastic-y appearance to really appreciate CoverGirl summer collection of Lipslicks Smoochies. The shades are actually pretty and wearable, and passing on them just because they may not look good in your makeup bag would be a shame! 

The Lipslicks Smoochies have silly names (the 3 I own are called #smooch, #text me and #luv u...) and a weird sweet waxy scent, but their balmy texture feels really good on the lips, and their sheer juicy colors are exactly what I need in the summer. 

From left to right: #text me, #luv u, #smooch

#smooch is a little different than the other 2: because it's full of silver sparkles, it feels a little gritty when applied, but somehow it still does a good job in moisturizing my dry lips. The sparkles give it an intense shine which, combine with its pink nude color, makes my lips look sophisticated but not overdone. I love this one despite its grittiness! 

Top to bottom:
#text me, #luv u and #smooch

#luv u is a perfect "my lips but better" product: it has a rosy hue that's pretty close to my natural lip color but a little darker and cooler. It delivers a nice glossy pout with just a touch of rose. 

#text me looks like a vampy dark red with subtle fuschia shimmer in the tube, but it applies more like a sheer reddish pink. It also has a glossy finish and it's a nice pop of color for those who don't want full coverage. 

Top to bottom: #luv u, #text me and #smooch

These 3 lippies apply very easily as they glide on the lips (with #smooch having a gritty texture), feel light and comfortable on and last a few hours, which is decent for colored balms. 

Overall: I love how they look and feel on the lips, which is why I bought 3, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a budget-friendly balmy lipstick for the summer! Compared to the popular Revlong ColorBurst Lip Butter, I'd say their texture is thinner and lighter, and I'm not aware of any sparkly shade in the Revlon range. 

Where to buy? At your local drugstore or online: 

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