Hard Candy Shadow Dancers, I like your groove!

A few weeks ago, I went to Walmart for the very first time in my life. Yeah well, I'm not particularly excited about over-sized supermarkets and underpaid staff. Anyways, after a year in the US, I finally ventured to a Walmart, and while my husband was in the auto part section, I spent my time in the comforting cosmetics aisle, discovering their exclusive brands. 

I've always wanted to try Hard Candy, and it was then or never!! I bought a few goodies from the brand, among them the recently launched Shadow Dancers double cream shadow in Movers & Shakers (579). I have to say that I chose this shade mainly because I was not too inspired by the other ones. That was when I didn't know what their finish was like, and now that I do, I would definitely get it in more colors. 

The Shadow Dancers look like a fat double tube of gloss, with one shade on each side showing through the transparent rounded plastic. The long and flat doe-foot applicators make it quite easy to get the right amount of product on your lid, but you definitely need to blend with a finger for an even looking result. 

The shadows are creamy, with a nice sheer texture that glides on the skin, but can easily be built up for a more intense look without looking patchy. They smell bad though, something like a mix of chemical and alcohol (ew...), but the odor disappears as soon as they dry. 

I would say that they are nicely pigmented, more than Clinique Lid Smoothies to compare them with a shadow in a similar texture. They dry and set relatively fast, so you want to work and blend quickly enough. Once dry, they don't budge: no creasing, no fading, no nothing! They last through the day looking fresh and vibrant. 

The green side of Movers & Shakers is a golden lime green with pearl and silver shimmer with multi-colored shine. It's bright, luminous and very reflective. The blue side is a lagoon blue with the same finish. It's also sparkly and vibrant but maybe a little less luminous. The 2 shades mix together pretty well. This is a very summery, mermaid-like duo (Dior Bird of Paradise anyone?), for a quite spectacular shimmery look! 

My camera was blinded by the shimmer and the most true to color picture was made with my phone.
The photo quality is bad but the colors are close to reality!

Overall, I like this cream shadow duo more than I expected to! It's easy to work with this good quality formula, and the luminous finish is beautiful. I do wish it was a tad cheaper than $6... $5.49 would sound better to me!

Where to buy? Walmart, or if you're not a fan of the giant store, online here.

Products featured in this review were purchased by Lulle. No compensation was received to write this post, which only reflects my personal opinion. This post contains affilate links.

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