Earh Therapeutics Orange Eye Pads: better than fresh cucumber?

A while ago I bought the Rejuvenal-C Orange Eye Pads from Earth Therapeutics, hoping that they would help reduce my pretty severe dark circles. 

They contain a bunch of natural ingredients, orange, vitamin C, gingko biloba, green tea and chamomile, supposed to refresh, rejuvenate, reduce the appearance of fine lines, relieve puffiness and diminish dark circles. Since these pads are affordable and easy to find (got my from drugstore.com), I thought it was worth a try! 

Well, unfortunately, the only promise that was really held here is the refreshing effect... beyond that, I just didn't see any difference. My dark circles are still as dark as before, my fine lines didn't go away, and I don't think that my eyes look "rejuvenated". 

The pads are not even very easy to use: each pad is a flat disc of thin material soaked in serum. Unless your eyes are deep into their sockets and pretty flat, it's really hard to keep the pad in contact with your eye contour skin. Since my eyes are big and round, the pads tended to end up just touching the center of my upper lid, so I had to keep adjusting and pushing them back onto the under eye area. Worse, after a few minutes (you're supposed to keep them on for 10 to 30 min) my sensitive eyelids were burning slightly. It was not horribly painful, but uncomfortable. At least, those pads smelled pretty good... 

You don't want your soulmate to see you like that...

Overall, those pads were useless for me, and I won't repurchase them. A wet cotton pad or a slice of cucumber are just as refreshing, and much cheaper. I'm still desperately looking for good pads to reduce my dark circles!

The product featured in this review was purchased by Lulle. I did not receive any kind of compensation to write this post, which only reflects my personal opinion.

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