Snakeskin Dress eyeshadow: a hidden gem in the Sephora collection

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Sephora recently launched their own custom eyeshadow palettes, revamping their Colorful Eyeshadows in the process. New shades were born, among them Snakeskin Dress. I bought it after seeing beautiful swatches online, and boy, I wasn't disappointed! 

I used to be reluctant to pay $13 for a Sephora shadow, when high end brands are just a few more bucks and drugstore lines are a lot less pricey. But Snakeskin Dress, believe me, is worth every penny. 

It's a stunning dark khaki with golden shimmer, with a subtle duochrome effect. The gold is revealed only when the light hits the lid at the right angle. This shade has so much depth and complexity! It looks absolutely amazing when worn. 

As is often the case with shimmer shadows, you can tone down the shine by just patting in on the lid, or strengthen it by swiping your brush. The texture here is perfect, highly pigmented, blendable, and very easy to work with. I always use a primer under my shadows, and I never had any creasing or fading issues with this one.

Overall, Snakeskin dress is a gorgeous shade in a great shadow formula. If you like khakis, antique golds and sultry shimmer, I think you should definitely give it a try. 

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