Victoria's Secret new Cheek Tint for spring!

Sheer Blush Cheek Tint is the second item I bought from Victoria's Secret beautiful spring makeup collection, together with their lip stain (see my review here). 

This creamy gel blush is available in only 2 shades, Idolize, a fuchsia, and Spotlight, a peachy pink, which is the one I purchased. I wish there were a few more colors to choose from! 

It comes in a small .77 oz tube, but considering the tiny amount of product you need for each application, you won't be running out any time soon. It's sheer alright, but still nicely pigmented, and it builds up so easily that you should apply lightly if you want a natural look. I over-applied a few times and ended up with bright peachy-pink doll-like cheeks! 

The texture is somewhere between cream, liquid and gel: it feels fresh, light-weight, blends easily and does not feel sticky or drying. It's best applied with fingertips, although a synthetic brush could probably work. Spotlight looks very peachy in the tube but shows up much more pink on me. The golden shimmer does not really translate on the skin, but it gives the blush a nice luminous finish. 

Applied lightly, it creates a pretty, fresh, natural flushed look. It's great for these days when you want to look like you're not wearing makeup! The only downside is the wear time: after 4-5 hours it's already faded quite a bit. I'm ok with doing touch-ups during my lunch break, however it could be a deal-breaker for some. 

Overall: I absolutely love this easy-going tint! I think it's a great product for spring and summer, as long as you're not too demanding in terms of lasting power. I've been using it a lot for the past couple weeks. For a quick natural look, I apply a tinted moisturizer, the Sheer Blush Cheek Tint, a shimmery beige cream eyeshadow, 2 coats of black mascara and a sheer lipstick! 

The product featured in this review was purchased by Lulle.


  1. Ooooh! I love it! It's really pretty on your cheek! I always forget that Victoria's Secret has makeup for some reason haha! I must go see!

    1. So far, I've only had good surprises with VS makeup. Nice products, pretty shades, and mid-end prices!

  2. I don't think I own any VS makeup! I wonder why that is? This cheek tint is really cute though. A really pretty shade of pink!

    1. I discovered VS makeup a few months ago, and I really like it so far!


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