Look who's empty! Clinique All About Eyes

This eye cream lasted me forEVER. Seriously, I couldn't see the end of it!! There's a bit more on the sides but I'm not gonna scrape, I'm done, I need something new! 

Clinique All About Eyes comes in a little pot, which is great for growing bacteria colonies, but not so great if you're concerned about hygiene. I really suggest using a clean spatula to get the product out of the pot rather than sticking your fingers in there... 

The texture is thin and applies like a dream: it sinks into the skin in seconds and leaves it feeling very soft (thank you Mr silicone). That's about all it does though, which comes a little short for a treatment that's supposed to hydrate the fragile eye contour area and reduce darkness and puffiness! 

It does absolutely nothing to moisturize the dehydrated skin under my eyes, so it's fine lines-land when I apply my concealer afterwards. I also still have panda-grade circles, no improvement there either! 

Will I miss All About Eyes? No, and I won't buy it again! If you're 12, have no dehydration lines and no darkness/puffiness issues, I guess you might like it...

The product featured in this review was purchased by Lulle. This post does not contain any referral links. I did not receive any kind of compensation to write this post and it only reflects my personal opinion.


  1. LOL thanks for your honest review!!! Definitely NOT for me. I have super dry under eyes and fine lines and all that fun stuff. Have you found something new to try??

    1. I gave Clinique another chance and bought their new Even Better eye cream. I'm still looking for a deeply moisturizing cream to use in the evening!

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