Platinum has never been so cheap! Spoiled by Wet n Wild nail polish

I might have discovered my favorite range of drugstore, affordable nail polishes with Spoiled by Wet n Wild. One day, when black pearl/metal/graphite nails were all the rage, I grabbed a bottle of Paying with Platinum, for a mere $1.99. It took me a while to try it on, probably because I was totally into corals for the summer. And the summer, in San Diego, CA, is long. 

Anyway, I finally tested it, and if I was slightly disappointed by this particular shade, I loved the formula so much I want to get it plenty of little brothers and sisters in my polish drawer! 

So, let's start with the bad news, why I'm not so fond of this Paying with Platinum color. Well, looking at the bottle, I saw a stunning, deep graphite gray (grey?) with purple and green reflections. Once I started applying it, however, I realized that it did not, as I thought, have a dark base at all. It's more of a metallic lilac base, with a hint of grey (gray?). 

I was hoping for a vampy "I was in a rock band in high school" kind of shade, and it's actually more of a classic "how do you like your tea?" color. Probably more wearable than I expected, but so wearable, in fact, that your grandma could easily wear it to play bridge with her friends. The duochrome is visible, and it's nice, but it's just not as edgy as I thought. A lot of people might like it the way it is though, so go for it if you do like the shade. I might try to layer it over black polish to get the depth I was hoping for. 

Now, why would I want more of the brand if I'm not a fan of the first shade I tried? Answer takes only 2 words: AWESOME FORMULA. 

It comes in a .5 fl oz bottle with an easy-to-grip cap, and the brush is flat, wide, and rounded at the end for fool-proof, easy application. I could do most of my nails with just one stroke of the brush. People with narrow nail beds might find it a little too wide, but I loved it. 

The texture of the polish is perfect, fluid but not runny, and really easy to work with. This particular shade took 3 coats to be nicely opaque. Now, the thing that really blew my mind about this polish is how long it stayed on. 

With flash

If you've read my polish reviews before, you know I always say that nothing will stay on my nails and that any polish chips after a maximum of 3 days. To my surprise, I was able to wear this polish for 6 (SIX) days without any chipping at all! This is an outstanding performance for me, and I really hope I'll have similar experience with the other shades of Spoiled by Wet n Wild polish!


  1. Hahaha how do you like your tea shade hahaha. I love that. I like tea. :P
    Has a cool ice queen vibe to it though-you could walk around with a box of Turkish Delight while wearing it haha!

    1. I'm a tea lover too! My favorite kind is Earl Grey.
      I'd rather walk around with a box of candied chesnut, if I was able to find them more easily in this country, duh.

  2. Oooo, good to know that this is a great formula. I love their eyeshadows but I've been a little scared to try anything else from the brand. I guess I can't shake my old view of WnW as a cheap brand. I'll check this out.

    1. I don't actually love all their eyeshadows, I've had excellent surprises and disappointing shades...
      I really hope the other shades will be as good!


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