Naked is the new black

Hello beauties! How was the turkey? I've been a busy bee for the past few weeks, but I didn't forget about you. Coming back today with some juicy news! 

Urban Decay is launching a new installment of their world-famous Naked franchise, and this time, it's a small, budget-friendly palette of matte eyeshadows named Naked Basic. I've been obsessed with neutral, matte shadows lately, and this palette might be just what I was looking for. 

Naked Basics is meant to be used on its own for neutral matte looks, or together with one of the other two Naked palettes to add more choice in the matte department. 

The sleek, compact case contains 6 full-size eyeshadows, all in the new shadow formula launched by Urban Decacy earlier this year. 4 of them are new and exclusive shades. They are all matte, although Venus, the lightest shade, is described as a "demi-matte" with a light satiny sheen. 

Beyond Venus, the ivory highlighter, you get: Foxy, a light yellow beige, Walk of Shame, a light pink nude,  Naked2, a medium rosy taupe, Faint, a warm muted brown, and Crave, a deep almost-black brown. 

The shades are not the most unique UD has ever crafted, but I can definitely see this palette be a basic in anyone's beauty stash. I know I could use it almost daily during the cooler season, and if the quality of the shadows live up to what I expect from UD, it could really become a staple for me. Especially for $27! 
If you're looking for a gift for a woman who likes makeup, but you don't want to make a color faux-pas, this is really a safe choice!


  1. Oh this looks like a fantastic basics palette!! Just got my mom the original naked palette, but I may need this one!

    1. Nice gift for your mom! I you like neutral eye looks I think this Basics is really worth it.


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