Influenster Cosmo VoxBox 2012

I'm glad that Influenster recognized me as a city girl, cause geez, that couldn't be more true. I was born and raised in a busy city (Lyon, France), moved to a much bigger, much busier city (Istanbul, Turkey), before relocating to a great, heaven-like, almost tropical city in Southern California. 
I tried living in the distant suburbs and even in the countryside once, and it did me no good... I need the happy crowds, all the stores, restaurants and places to go, I need to be able to walk places, and I want to take the bus or the metro. I'm the kind of gal who thrives in busy, dense cities like Paris, Istanbul, New York, San Francisco... 

Anyway, I received the Cosmo VoxBox 2012 from Influenster and I was really excited when it came in the mail! 
"There's nothing like automn in the city, and we're celebrating the changing seasons with the Fall Cosmo VoxBox! Inside this box, you'll find the products that a modern gal like yourself need". Here's what the box contains: 

- 2 Frixion by Pilot Pen ($4.50 for a 3 pack). Frixion pens are gel ink pens that write very smoothly and have a built in rubber eraser on the cap. It looks like they're new in the US (not sure when they were released), but I've used them a lot when I was still in France. We had them at work and they were a favorite in the office. Really comfortable pens if you write a lot, so I'm glad I got 2 colors here, they'll be handy for craft projects (especially since the eraser does a really clean job). 

- Forever Red Eau de Parfum from Bath & Body Works ($10 for the 7 ml mini, $44.50 for the full size). Of course I heard about Red, B&BW's latest and "most luxurious" perfume, but I never had a chance to sniff it yet. In fact, I got an invite to join the official launch party at a store in San Diego, but I wasn't able to go. So I was thrilled to find this little mini in my box. I'm a re-re-repeat customer at B&BW, where I buy mostly candles and body care, and I really want to try out Red. 
I'll make a full review of this fragrance later, but I can tell you that my first impression is good. According to B&BW, it's composed of pomegranate, red osmanthus and vanilla rum. I'd say it smells like red fruit punch, at least in the beginning. 

- Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Sea Salt Escape ($2.79): yessss! A city gal like me NEEDS chocolate, every day of the year... If you want to win a girl's heart, give her chocolate (if she doesn't like chocolate, you probably don't want her heart anyway). 
I know Ghirardelli pretty well, because my in-laws live in San Francisco area, and I always enjoy the brand. To be honest with you, finding good quality chocolate in the US is a lot harder than in France. There's a lot of mediocre to terrible ones in the grocery stores, and I'm not used to that... 
However, I've never been disappointed by Ghirardelli, and my standards are pretty hight. I've had salty chocolates before, but it was always dark ones. It was the first time I tasted a milk chocolate with almonds AND sea salt, and I have to say it was darn GOOD. This delicious bar didn't even last 24 hours... Would buy again for sure! 

- Gilette Venus Embrace and Venus & Olay razor refill: I was using my last disposable razor so it came right on time. I'm cheap (well, it depends on my finances, but not having a job, I'm REALLY cheap right now), but I have to admit that high quality razors really make a difference. I don't cut myself around the ankles (happens all the time with cheap razors), and my skin is just so much softer. 
I've used Venus & Olay before, and it's the most gentle razor on my skin, with the smoothest finish. 
I learnt with the ad in this box that any Venus blade refill actually fits any razor handle: I didn't know that! I thought each handle only worked with the matching blade, but no! So you can change from one blade to another without having to buy the whole handle again. That's cool. 
The Venus products came in a nice little organza pouch that I already recycled into a cotton ball dispenser. 

Overall, I'm happy with this box: all the products in there are good quality. I was hoping for some makeup of course, but considering the Cosmo VoxBox is not a beauty box, I'm already glad I got Red and Venus razors. And the chocolate, man, the chocolate!

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