The Day After Halloween

I moved to the USA 6 months ago, and from the beginning I was very excited about my first Halloween here! I had a lot of fun, 2 parties, ate a lot of candy and opened my door to my first trick-or-treaters yesterday. Of course, makeup was a major part of my costumes! 

The first party was about the 1920s to 40s: I chose to be a 40s girl wearing a green top with ruffles, black skirt and classic black pumps, with a typical 40s makeup (pale skin, blush on the center of my cheeks, nude eyes with black liner, and red lips) and hair. 

We also had a party at home with friends, and this time I was a witch with a very pretty hat I found at a costume store, a sparkly black and purple smoky eye with fierce orange lips and very pale face. It was really fun to do out of the ordinary makeup!

I also carved my first pumpkins, and I think they looked pretty good :)

And for kitty, we found a costume which is a perfect description of his personnality...


  1. Love your costumes! Your eyes are amazing!
    I'm glad you had fun with your first experience! And that costume for your cat-HAHA. I love it.

    1. Aww, thank you! I like the color of my iris but I wish they looked a little less... protruding?
      Kitty loved his costume. I though he would tear it apart within 5 min, but no!

  2. Your costumes were so cute! The makeup was perfect! Kitty looked great too :)


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