Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Best Ghoul Friend smells like berries

I always carry a bottle of hand sanitizer in my handbag: you never know when you might stumble upon tortilla chips and dips and need clean fingers to throw them in your mouth! Bath & Body Works PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel is my favorite sanitizer, small and light enough to follow me everywhere, it comes in an amazing variety of fun scents. 

The one I carry around these days is part of the Halloween collection, Ghoul Friend, Berry Scary scented, and it's now on sale on the brand's website for only $0.75

It does the job, smells fruity, and doesn't leave hands sticky or dry them out. The label is pretty cute I think, and the skull even glows in the dark! 

Overall, this is a cheap, fun seasonal item I couldn't help grabbing to celebrate my first Halloween in the USA :) It might be sold out in some stores, but it others, I've seen it in the clearance area. 

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