Monday, October 8, 2012

Evergreen, a great polish for cold winter evenings

Sephora + Pantone Universe Jewel Lacquer in Evergreen is another gem from the Alchemy of Colors collection. After being slightly disappointed by this nail polish in Purple Parachute (see review here), I was really anxious to test Evergreen. 

I was relieved to see that this one is not as thick, yet not as pigmented either. I had to apply 3 coats with this color, and it wasn't easy since the brush had an unruly hair, a little punk that was half a centimeter longer than the rest of the bristles, and which eventually fell off and stayed stuck on my thumb. Frustrating! I also had the same feeling as last time that the brush is too close to the cap, which makes it hard to maneuver. 

Anyway, I eventually applied my 3 coats, and Evergreen dried to a nice, shiny finish. The color is absolutely stunning, it's a rich green teal with green and teal shimmer, almost metallic, yet free of brush strokes. It reflects the light beautifully, and it makes me think of cold winter evenings, when snow and Christmas garlands light up the dark blue night. 

Nail polish tends to chip fast on me, but this particular one only stayed for 24 hours before it started chipping, which is below average. 

Overall, I think there's really room for improvement when it comes to the quality of this range of nail lacquers. Evergreen, however, is such a beautiful shade that you might want to grab it anyway. It's still available on Sephora website for $9.


  1. Wow this is such a beautiful jewel-like color. I love how it looks on you!

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah "jewel lacquer" is a good name for this one!

  2. Stunning shade. It reminds me of holidays and winter and just... everything good about the upcoming season. Too bad about the quality, though.

    1. I wish it would wear longer, a day is really not much...


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