Sephora + Pantone Universe Lip Luster Lipstick in Raspberry Radiance

Lip Luster Lipsticks might be the most intriguing item in the amazing fall collection called Alchemy of Color, the new collaboration between Sephora and Pantone. As soon as I saw the first picture, I knew I wanted one! 

They look like little pieces of magic, with their white and transparent tube, and their double-chambered stick: a rich, pigmented core surrounded by a layer of clear balm full of blue glitter. 

It looks stunning, but I have to say that this design doesn't help with application: you tend to have transparent, glossy product on the edges and pigment only in the center of your lips, if you apply it like a regular lipstick. This wouldn't be such a problem with the lighter, sheerer shades (like Almost Apricot or even Tangerine Tango), but with Raspberry Radiance, it makes your lips look uneven. So you have to maneuver the stick and work a little bit to build an even color coverage. A lip brush won't help, due to the particular shape of this product, you'll have to swirl and then rub your lips together to even it out. It's not particularly difficult, but you have to take your time and you'll absolutely need a mirror! 

That said, this lipstick has a thin texture and glides easily on the lips, and you can't feel the glitter. It's actually almost shimmer, since it's very fine and never overwhelming. Depending on the lighting, some silver and blue sparkles will show up, or you'll just see a pretty glossy plum shade. It's semi-sheer, but still very vibrant, and it's definitely the most pigmented shade in the range. 

It feels very comfortable on, not drying and even slightly moisturizing: it really leaves your lips smooth and soft. This is of course not a long wearing product, but it does linger quite a while, and even though it transfers a little bit, you can see a hint of color and some glitter remaining after several hours. 

Indoors: natural light, artificial light
Outdoors: direct sun, shade

The Lip Luster Lipsticks retail for $18 at Sephora, and although they're already sold out online (I don't know if they'll restock), you should still find them in your store, but maybe not all shades! Cayenne, a pepper red, looks amazing, while Almost Apricot and Tangerine Tango are on the sheerer side (I didn't find Claret Red). 

Overall, Raspberry Radiance is a great shiny plum lipstick, and although it requires a little bit of work, its original and unique design make it a show-stopper! Look at the other girls' face in the restroom when you open the tube to re-apply it after dinner!


  1. That looks really pretty on you, and you are right - the glitter doesn't look so much like glitter, but just added shimmer. I passed by these in Sephora the other day...I wasn't so sure about the lipstick being surrounded by the balm and how it would apply. After reading your post, now I know! Thanks for the review...will check them out again next time I'm in Sephora :-)


    1. You're welcome! You might not want to wait to long if you're planning to grab one, because they seem to be going pretty fast!

      And yes, Sephora says what's in the clear gloss is glitter, but it really feels more like shiny shimmer.

  2. This collection is all so beautiful!!


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