Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss

I'm going on with reviews of Physicians Formula products, since they're 40% off at Rite Aid this week (check you local circular)! You can find reviews of the Cashmere Wear bronzer here, and the Happy Booster lipstick there

Part of the pH Matchmaker range, pH Powered Lip Gloss is supposed to react to the pH level of your lips (not the temperature like a lot of mood swing glosses) to change into your perfect, unique shade. 

It comes in a pink transparent plastic tube with a mirror on one side, and a switch on top of the lid allows you to turn on LED lights coming from inside the cap to... I don't know, reapply in the movie theater? To be honest, I've never used the light to apply the gloss, but I find it fun and keep switching it on! 

The switch

Et voilĂ  !

I bought this product thinking it was probably just gimmicky, but I have to say I've been very impressed by the quality of the gloss itself. The small brush is perfect for precise application, and don't be fooled by the clear light pink aspect just out of the tube, you need to apply very carefully because it will become much darker and more vibrant! There's a faint shimmer that I only noticed when I swatched it on my arm, but I don't think it's visible at all on the lips. 

So here's the deal: you apply an almost clear gloss, and watch it change into a very pigmented, vivid, fierce fuschia within a few minutes (at least that's the color it turns into on my lips. I tried to convince my husband to try, for the sake of the experiment, but he refused...)! The pictures don't do it justice, but believe me, after 5 minutes, you have a real statement lip, and it keeps getting darker on me for about an hour. 

Top to bottom: seconds after applying,
after about 5 minutes,
after about an hour

It's comfortable to wear, not sticky at all, and once the glossiness is gone, the color is still there for hours, without drying out the lips. The brand claims that it wears for 10 hours, and I can confirm that yes, it's true! Of course, the shine disappears, but it stains your lips with a bold pink hue that won't budge, whatever you eat or drink throughout the day. I find it pretty unbelievable for a product that's almost clear in the tube! 

I have this gloss in the Pink shade, and there's supposed to be a Light Pink, but I've never seen it. I wish they also made it in red and berry. 

Overall, it's totally worth buying for the full price, $9.95, but if you can find it during the 40% off sale, it's a real steal!


  1. Ok, that's it! I NEED this! I keep hearing how great this is, and you've convinced me! Now I just have to find it haha!

    1. Hmm yeah is the brand easy to find in Canada? I think for the price, it's a great little treat for yourself :D

  2. Wow, that's really cool that it did end up changing color. The end color is just beautiful on you Lulle!! I got the pH Matchmaker blush in Natural a while ago but still haven't had a chance to test it out. Hopefully soon though!

    1. I bought the blush during the Rite Aid sale :D Need to test it too!

  3. I love this brand!! I have several products and they haven't failed me yet! This color looks great on you :)

    1. The products I have are pretty good quality too. Thanks, I usually don't really dig fuschia, but here it really matches me like they claim.


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