OPI nail polish My Very First Knockwurst

Can someone please explain me what OPI meant to say when they named this polish?? My very first [kind of sausage]? I have things that come to mind, but... I'm not a native English speaker, so I might be mistaken. 

Anyway, My Very First Knockwurst is a shade of flesh, a rosy, light nude that I can wear because it doesn't lean too coolIt has a cream finish (no glitter, shimmer or sparkles of any kind) and dries down nice and glossy

The application with this polish was a little trickier than what I experienced with other shades from the Germany collection: it was very liquid, and because of the lighter shade, I had some streaks and brush strokes. I basically removed it and tried again, being VERY careful, and waiting longer between coats to avoid pulling. I managed to get away with 2 coats for a very acceptable result (no top coat on the pictures). It also has a tendency to emphasize ridges, so make sure you prep your nails well. 

I'm not usually into nude polish, but I was seduced by this neutral-pink color, and I like it on me! This is very unlike shades I usually wear, but I find it elegant, wearable, and more feminine than I expected. 

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