Next in Lime Crime world: Alchemy collection

I guess Alchemy is the trendy inspiration this fall, since Lime Crime is coming up with a new collection on the theme, after Sephora + Pantone Universe Alchemy of Colors release. Alchemy by Lime Crime will be available on October 13th and comes in the form of an eyeshadow palette, two new shades of lipstick and a mook. Yeah, a mook. Seems to be a rare species of magazine/book, but I don't know much more about it... 

The big thing about this collection is that pretty much everything is duochrome, woohoo! I'm a sucker for duochrome shades, didn't you notice that yet? 

Anyway, the palette, $34.99, comes in 5 color-shifting shades: 
Incantation: Metallic copper with fiery sparks.
Lucky Charm: Forest green/firefly green shift.
Love Potion #9: Purple/mint shift.
Spellbound: White/gold shift.
Divination: Slate blue/peacock shift. 

For the lipsticks, $15.99, you'll be able to choose between: Poisonberry, a "deliciously dangerous berry-purple with a violet glow" ; Serpentina, a "seductive deep green with a snake-like sheen". Let's leave snakes out of this beauty picture, can we? 

I'm very curious about Serpentina lipstick, which sounds like a very unique shade of lipcolor. I'm also impatiently waiting for swatches of the eyeshadows, especially Love Potion #9 and Divination, hoping they'll have a strong, bold duochrome effect! The whole collection will be available exclusively on Lime Crime website, and will be released at exactly midnight EST on October 13th.

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    1. Me too! I wish they had a few nail polishes in this collection!


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