Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Germanicure by OPI: the fire within!

I finally tested the flamboyant German-icure by OPI nail polish, part of the Germany collection released for fall! 

Application was a dream with the fluid formula and flat brush, and the rich, deep color was perfectly opaque in 2 layers

This shade is really mesmerizing, as it looks like a dark bordeaux with brown undertones but suddenly starts burning inside when the light hits it! The red and copper shimmer reminds me of the color of leaves in autumn, and I love how it plays hide and seek, disappearing only to come back more vibrant a second later as you move your hands. 

Every Month is Oktoberfest is supposed to be the purple version of this, but at least in the bottle, it looked a lot less spectacular, which is why I went for Germanicure. I'm a purple lover but the shimmer in this one has this amazing light reflecting quality that Oktoberfest didn't show. 

Germanicure by OPI is without question the best nail polish I've tried in the last few months, with an impressive formula and unique shade.


  1. I love this shade! It really does seem to light from within!

    1. I think Orly FX So Go-diva layered on top of this one could look fantastic!

  2. Lovely color! Perfect for fall! :)


    1. Yes, very warm and comforting for the colder days! :)


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