Beauty shopping at Urban Outfitters

This is a quick "look what I got!" haul post. I've had store credit at Urban Outfitters for a couple months, for returning their infamous marble nail polish that marbles nothing (see pic here). 

With just a few more bucks (okay, 10) I was able to get my paws on 4 different cute products, 2 of which were on sale: Paris gloss set from Cargo ($4.99 instead of $22!), the little Rockin in Rio palette from Stila ($4.99 instead of $16), NYX Stick Blush in Tea Rose ($6), and an amazing nail polish by Urban Outfitters brand named Sea Dust ($5 but 2 for $8) that I'm wearing right now (review coming soon) and I can already tell you, it's go-oh!-orgeous!


  1. Que de bonnes affaires ! Les gloss sont-ils chouettes ? Cargo me fait envie de plus en plus, surtout depuis mon achat d'un blush-bronzer au derniers soldes sépho ^^
    Hâte de voir tout ça en action ! Bisous ;)

    1. Je ne les ai pas encore ouverts, le packaging est trop mignon !

      Je crains un peu pour l'avenir de Cargo qui n'est plus vendu par Sephora ici, et soldé un peu partout... il faut que je me renseigne.


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