Balm Jovi Rockstar Face palette: swatches!

It's always hard for me to start using a brand new palette: they look so perfect when new that it breaks my heart to make dents in the pans! I finally put my little fingers in Balm Jovi palette by theBalm, that I showed you here

Shadows from the Heavy Metal row. Left to right:
Alice Copper, Lead Zeppelin, Iron Maid-in and Metal-ica

Shadows from the Classical row.
Top to bottom: Adagio, Allegro,
Moderato, Presto

Shadows from the Alternative row. Left to right: Blink 1982, The Stroke
rem, Third Eye Blinded
Lips and face, top left to
bottom right: Vanilly, Milly,
Don't you want me? & Solid Gold

A few thoughts from the swatching process (which took place on one of the only cloudy days here, sorry for the dull pictures!): 
- the Heavy Metal shadows are all incredibly soft, pigmented and vibrant. 
- the Classical, matte shadows feel a little drier, but they had fairly good color payoff. 
- the Alternative shadows all have nice shimmer, but they're not quite as buttery as the Heavy Metal ones, except for Third Eye Blinded which feels incredibly rich and smooth. The Stroke, on the other hand, swatched sheer and a little dusty, although its deep blue shimmer looks pretty.
- for the face products, Don't You Want Me? (aka FratBoy) feels a little stiff and goes very sheer, while Solid Gold (aka Mary-Lou Manizer) is soft and richly pigmented. 
- for the lip and cheek creams, Milly is a sheer, natural beige, and Vanilly a bright blue-based red. 

Overall, the products in this palette feel soft and easy to work with. I already have a few look ideas that I hope to make during the week!


  1. Yay! Thank you for the swatches!! Such a fun palette!!

    1. You're welcome!
      I agree, it's really fun and that's what makeup should be like.


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