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I think I can say that I collect theBalm palettes, now that I own 6 of them.... Balm Jovi is theBalm's new funky palette for the holidays, but it's already available on the brand's official website for $39.50. As soon as I heard about a "pre-release", I ordered mine! 

Inspired by music in general and rock in particular, this palette contains 2 creamy cheek and lip colors, a highlighter (called Solid Gold in this palette, but it's in fact the famous Mary-Lou Manizer!), a blush (again, it's not a new comer but FratBoy renamed Don't You Want Me) and 12 eyeshadows organized in 3 rows: Heavy Metal, the metallic/sparkly finish on the left, Classical, the matte finish in the middle, and Alternative, the shimmery finish on the right. These shadows can be used dry or wet, although from my past experience with theBalm, the color payoff should be fully satisfying even when used dry. 

The palette is a carboard compact with 2 magnetic lids, one for the powder products and one for the cheek and lip creams, just like Balmbini vol1, but longer. It also comes with a heart-shaped mirror

The evil fly!!! I didn't see it before...

I like: - the overall design of this palette is fun and cute 
- the silly puns in the shadows names 
- the shadows in 3 different finishes and fall/winter appropriate shades
- the row of matte, wearable shades 
- Milly lip/cheek color, which could be (or not) a dupe for my beloved and long discontinued Butterfield 8 Lip Lacquer by Nars 
- the look suggestions at the bottom. 

I don't like so much: - old shades with a new name. I had to receive it and look at the small characters on the back of the palette to discover that the highlighter and blush were not new but just "born again". I already own Mary-Lou Manizer! I think theBalm should make this clear on their website.
- translating "Top 4 Smoking Hot Looks" with "Les 4 Meilleurs Looks Particulièrement Sympas"... lame and not even good grammar. Next time you need to translate something into French, please get a qualified translator, or just call me!


  1. Haaa! Ha! Balm Jovi and Milly Vanilly - too funny :-) I had Mary Loumanizer once upon a time...I'm not sure where it went! Moderato, Lead Zeppelin and Milly look really nice. Will we get to see these swatched later? :-)

  2. I want this palette so much! But I refuse to pay the $40 international shipping for it. Grrrr....

    1. I know how you feel, I had the same problem when I lived in France... And the best part was when I decided to order anyway (for their Muppets palette) and then had to pay custom fees :(

  3. Hello from Istanbul! ^^ I like this palette already, I'm a huge Bon Jovi and Metallica fan! But to be honest, when I first read it, I expected shadows named after Bon Jovi songs. But it's a fun palette anyway. I wonder when it will be here though..

    1. Hi Nina! Did you know I lived in Istanbul for 5 years? :)
      The rock scene there is really amazing!

      Do you find theBalm in Istanbul now? It wasn't sold there when I lived in the city.

    2. I didn't know you lived here, that's amazing! Yeah, I really like the rock scene here too =) We have theBalm for almost a year now, and most other brands too. But the products usually arrive later than other countries.

  4. est-ce que ça se vend en France(en ligne si possible)? J'habite à Tahiti et les $40 de frais d'envoi me tuent pour une palette qui coute moins que ça, je sais que Pascal Coste shopping a des produits TheBalm, mais ils n'ont pas ce produit. Ici, malheureusement, ça ne se trouve pas, on a Beauty Success mais ils n'y a que des produits français surtout, pas de Naked d'Urban Decay ou encore Benefit - merci

    1. Coucou !

      La palette est dispo, et les frais de port à l'international sont normalement de 12$ !


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