Skincare shopping: hydrating in the heat

It's been hot, and I mean HOT here in San Diego for the last 10 days or so, and I couldn't stand spreading my regular moisturizer (Murad Pomegranate Energizing cream) on my face anymore. It felt too rich, suffocating, and it made me sweat immediately! 

I gave up and decided to go for a light, fresh, oil-free moisturizer. A few came to mind, and I decided to buy H2O+ Face Oasis as an Ulta store was on my way home from the beach. I used it a couple years ago, and I was very happy with its fresh, marine feel. 

It's only hydrating enough for my skin during the warm season though, but it's perfect for this heat wave! The brand changed their packaging since I bought my last jar, but it's still a clear, heavy pot that lets you see the blue-green gel through. 

Using it is like splashing your face with fresh water! It feels very light-weight, sinks very well into the skin, and doesn't leave any kind of residue on the surface. Great summer moisturizer for normal to combination skin!

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