Physician's Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Lipstick

Physician's Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Lipstick in I <3 Nude has to be the weirdest lipstick I've ever encountered. And I've tried a lot of lipsticks... A lipstick that makes you feel happy? No way! If they existed, I'd be eating them every day for breakfast! Let's make it clear right now: no, it didn't make me feel any happier. I didn't feel high, or any different from my usual self. Now that we've rebutted this exaggerated claim, let's focus on the way it performs as a simple lipstick. 

About the packaging, I'd say it's very pink, and the plastic feels really light and cheap. The fact that the cap is angled makes it necessary for you to align it with the tube when you close it, unless you want to smear the product all over the transparent lid. 

The lipstick has a light floral scent... and taste, which could be described as violet like the brand claims, although real violet have a more crisp fragrance in my opinion. It's definitely not overwhelming, and unless you lick your lips, you won't get the taste at all. 

The big thing about this lippie is that it has a 3 different colors in it, an outer ring of almost matte bright coral, an inner ring of satin lighter coral, and a center heart of glossy and glittery light pink. The fact that these 3 shades have different finishes seems fun, but it is in fact not helpful when you try to apply an even layer of lipstick to your pout... You tend to have matte, bright color on the edge of your lips, while the center gets more light, glossy product coming from the little heart. I guess if you want an automatic ombrĂ© lip, that would work for you! 

3 shades mixed together

The only way you can have an even finish is by rubbing your lips together after applying. You can't possibly use the 3 different shades separately, it's just too small to get only one on a lip brush. I did it for the swatches, but it was really awkward. 

The 3 shades swatched separately

The semi-matte, outer ring is a little dry, and looks slightly chalky on the lips. It tends to get into fine lines and emphasize them. When all three shades are mixed, you get a nice, glowy bright coral that's perfect for summer. But wait, the shade I bought is called I <3 Nude. Wait, nude?! This is a warm, real coral with strong orange undertones, so no, it's absolutely NOT nude

All swatches with the 3 shades mixed together: indoors, outdoors, and artificial light

Despite the initial chalky texture, it gets comfortable to wear with time, and lasts a lot longer than I expected, leaving a nice stain behind even after a meal for me. 

Overall, I told you, it's weird! The little sparkly heart is cute if you like girly stuff, and I do like the coral hue, so for $9, you might want to try it for yourself. It also comes in I <3 Rose, but who knows, that one might be berry or red!

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