My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask

Another My Beauty Diary face sheet mask on test today! After Black Pearl and Arbutin, let me tell you about the Aloe mask.

A few days ago, I spent a great afternoon on the beach, jumping in the Pacific waves. It was a lot of fun for me, but a real hard time for my skin! The sun, wind, salt, water and sand all cause sensitivity and dehydration, making skin look dry and full of fine lines. Aloe gel is known for its soothing and moisturizing properties, so I decided to use the Aloe mask that evening.

Again, like all My Beauty Diary sheet masks, this one was not a good fit for my face: the holes for mouth and eyes are not in the right place for me. However, I immediately loved the refreshing effect when I put in on. I did not store it in the fridge, but it felt like a cooling cloth on my face, and after a hot day, it felt really good.

I kept it on about 30 min, as advised by the brand, and then massage the remaining serum into my skin. There was no greasy, sticky or heavy feel at all, it felt like aloe gel.

Then I looked in the mirror and oh, I loved what I saw! My skin was soothed and relaxed, deeply hydrated, soft, and visibly replenished, like it was more dense. Imagine an old crumpled prune, put it in water for a while until it looks like a full and juicy plum again. That's how my face felt! My skin remained beautiful and radiant for a couple of days, which is not bad for a one time treatment.

Overall, I love this mask from the bottom of my heart! It's great for summer, with its refreshing feel, and it gives your thirsty skin all the moisture it needs.


  1. I've tried this mask and loved it too! Great review:)


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