L'Oréal Infaillible Eyeshadow: Endless Sea

I picked up Endless Sea at my drugstore after reading a lot of positive reviews about the new shades launched by L'Oréal for the summer in the Infaillible Eyeshadow range. These loose but slightly pressed powder shadows are said to be very close in texture and finish to the famous Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadows by Armani, and they're so much more affordable! 

For less than $8, Endless Sea delivers a shiny, reflective, almost metallic finish, in a gorgeous aqua color that leans towards gold or green-gold depending on the light. The texture is soft and causes very little fallout, which is great for a loose powder. 

If you apply it dry, it remains a little sheer, but used wet, the color and metallic finish become a lot more intense. I usually don't use my eyeshadows with a wet brush, because I'm lazy and don't like the mess it creates, so all the pictures show it applied dry over a sheer base (Too Faced Shadow Insurance). 

Such a vibrant aqua might not be easy to wear for everyone, but you can still use a small touch of it among more neutral colors (like beige or sand shades), like I did in this EOTD, for a summery, ocean inspired look. For a full aquatic look I applied it all over the upper lid, with a matte sea green in the crease and light, sheer blue in the inner corner and on the brow bone, and I tightlined my eye with a navy blue. I also applied Wet n Wild Turquoise eyeliner pencil on the lower lash line. 

L'Oréal pretends that these shadows can wear for a full 24 hours. I didn't try that, as I do remove my makeup in the evening! However, I didn't experience any creasing or fading all day long when I used Endless Sea over a base, and the swatch on my arm was still visible after a shower. 

Overall, if you like summery, bright and shiny shadows, you might want to take a look at Endless Sea. For the price, the quality is excellent and the color really stunning.


  1. This shade reminds me of mermaids! Its stunning on you!


    1. Thanks! Yes, it's definitely very aquatic :)


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