China Glaze Pink Plumeria

Part of the Summer Neons collection by China Glaze, Pink Plumeria is a light and warm neon pink with pink and gold shimmer

It doesn't really look like a neon in the bottle, but believe me, it's a VERY bright, vibrant shade, and the pictures really tone it down. I was actually shocked when I applied it by how super bright it is... it's always hard to capture a neon shade with a camera, so be aware that it's much more vibrant than any swatches you can find on the web! 

The consistency was a little thick, but not problematic. I needed 3 coats for fully opaque coverage, but you can still see minor brush strokes. It took its sweet time to dry! Although I used a fast dry top coat, it wasn't completely dry after 20 min, and I slightly damaged 2 nails... frustrating! I wore it for 4 days, and it resisted my first attempt at boogie-boarding, so I'd say it has good lasting power on me.

Overall, I'm not sure about this shade. I think it might be a little "too much" for me, too bright, too "in your face" neon... I might keep it for summery pedis!


  1. Il me fait penser à un vernis ELF, le "Champagne", très joli ! Bises à toi ^^

    1. Je pense que celui-ci est beaucoup plus fluo ! Bisous


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