Beach Grass candle by Slatkin & Co. (Bath & Body Works)

I bought this scented candle because I love grassy fragrances. Well, I wouldn't exactly describe Beach Grass this way, but I'm not disappointed, since it's still a lovely, summery scent. I chose the 14.5 oz, 3-wick version of this candle, and it comes in a nice and plain glass jar with a metal lid. The label is a nice photo of... well beach grass, and makes me think about vacation. 

It burns very evenly, which means it's gonna last for a long time

Note on candle maintenance: you must always let the whole surface of your candle melt before you put it out. If you don't and the outer edge of your candle is still solid when you put it out, then there will be a "hole" in the wax, which is gonna get deeper each time you use it. The wax on the sides will never melt, and you'll reach the bottom much faster, thus drastically reducing the burning time of your candle. 

Non !!
Oui :)

So, let's go back to our main subject: the scent of this particular candle. When I hear "beach grass", I think dunes, heat, sun, ocean, summer. For my nose, that would translate as sunburnt grass, sand, ocean water, so it's definitely dry and salty. This candle, on the contrary, is fresh, sweet and slightly floral, with freesia dominating the fragrance. As if the dunes scent was blended with sunscreen and strawberry soft ice cream. It's definitely not what I expected, but I do enjoy this very summery scent. I wish it was just a tad less sweet. 

I like scented, not overpowering candles, and this one has a nice balance in the intensity of the fragrance

Overall, this is a nice candle for summer nights (or if you want to dream of the beach in the winter). UPDATE: the Beach Grass candle came back for Summer 2015 with a brand new and pretty label. With B&BW semi-annual sale it's only $12 at this time (sale won't last long)!

Bath & Body Works Beach Grass candle summer 2015 on sale
The 2015 version

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