A small nail polish haul

We've seen a lot of new collections being released these last few weeks, and I took advantage of a buy one get one 50% off at my local beauty supply store to pick some new shades. 

From left to right: China Glaze Unpredictable and Pink Plumeria,
OPI Germanicure by OPI and My Very First Knockwurst

In OPI Germany collection, I really had a hard time making up my mind! All the polishes are beautiful and I could see myself wearing all of them. I discarded the most surprising and unique shade, the mustard green Don't talk Bach to me, because it didn't look like it would compliment my skin tone. I also gave up on Schnapps Out of It! because I thought it might be very close to OPI Crepes Suzi-ette (from the France collection) that I already own, but it appears the latter is in fact darker and redder. Anyway, after a lot of mumbling in front of the display, I finally picked a pink neutral, My Very First Knockwurst, and a vampy dark with a burning red shimmer, German-icure by OPI

German-icure by OPI close-up

Next, I stopped by the China Glaze polishes, and picked Unpredictable from the Bohemian Luster Chrome collection, and Pink Plumeria from Summer Neons range. I resisted On Safari collection, but I may have to go back :)


  1. Great picks! The new collections are really beautiful this fall!

    1. I agree, I hadn't seen such pretty launches in years!


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