Wet n Wild Nutty Color Icon Eyeshadow

If you have 2 bucks in your pocket, this is probably the best thing you could buy, at least makeup-wise. The range of Wet n Wild Color Icon shadows is frustrating because it's very inconsistent: some shades are total boo-boo, while others are fantastic. Nutty definitely falls into the latter category! 

It's something between a light brown and a taupe, shimmery, with warm undertones. Let's start with the downsides: I hate the pan. I broke my nails TWICE trying to open the freaking lid. I do not recommend the use of a chainsaw to gain access to the securely enclosed shadow, but that's about as far as you need to go to open that bloody little box... 

Apart from its excessively cheap and user-unfriendly packaging, Nutty doesn't suffer from any other flaws. I dare say it gets as close to perfection as eyeshadow can get. The texture is soft, finely milled, the pigmentation is intense, and it feels as if it applies itself on your lids without you actually having to do anything, like butter melting on a French toast. It makes a tad of fallout, but nothing really worth grunting about. 

If you lightly pat your brush on the lid, it will look shimmery like it does in the pan, but if you swipe, you get a very shiny, almost metallic finish. I didn't experience any fading or creasing with this shade, it stayed fresh all day long. 

I compared Nutty to a few other similar-looking shadows I own. Note that for Nutty, I only had to swipe my finger on my arm ONCE to do the swatch, while other shadows required rubbing it a couple times at least. 

Bottom left to top right: Nutty, theBalm Insane Jane,
Urban Decay Stray Dog, a shadow from Too Faced Glamour To Go II

Overall, I think that the quality of this shadow is really stunning for the price! The best description I can give is that it's very similar to Urban Decay Stray Dog, only a lot better... If you're lucky, you might even put your paws on it while it's on sale like I did!

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