Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

The other day, I was shopping at 99 Ranch Market (a chain of markets specializing in Asian products, not sure they're anywhere but on the West Coast), and I was thrilled to discover that they have a small beauty and personal care aisle. Cosmetics from Asia have been big on the blogosphere for a while and I was really excited to try some new products! 

Most of the items didn't have any description in latin alphabet (frustrating for me :( ) but I immediately recognized the box of My Beauty Diary masks. There's been such a buzz around these masks that I was already familiar with their packaging! I got the Top 7 kit, a selection of the brand's most popular sheet masks. 

I'm often reluctant to use regular masks, because they can get so messy... somehow I always end up with clay inside my ears or gel dripping from my chin! Sheet masks are so user-friendly in comparison! No mess, your hands stay clean, the product doesn't go anywhere it shouldn't, and the best part, you don't need to rinse away a thick layer off your face: you just remove the mask, and massage any remaining serum into your skin. 

I decided to go for the Black Pearl Mask, supposed to whiten and soften skin, and restore its radiance, that the brand recommends for dull looking skin. A quick look at the ingredients list and I realized that there's more fruits and veggies in there than any pearl extract: pineapple, lime, cucumber, aloe are among the first ingredients, while conchiolin comes in the end. 

The sheet mask itself was not a very good fit for my face, with the openings for the eyes and mouth being too far apart. I guess I'm small faced! Anyway, it was still pretty comfortable, no stinging or burning, it felt fresh, and overall, I enjoyed relaxing for 20 minutes with my mask on. The mask didn't dry out, and there was still plenty of serum left to massage in. 
Not the most glamourous time...

I must say I was impressed with the result: my skin looked refreshed, smooth, brightened, replenished, healthy, firm, and my pores looked smaller. I have rarely seen such an effective mask! I kind of looked like sleeping beauty after her long nap, as if all the ugly shadows and signs of fatigue were gone. 

Loved it! I'll make sure to buy a full box of this Black Pearl mask as soon as I can. You may find it in Asian markets, otherwise, look for it on ebay, amazon, or websites based in Asia like sasa.com or gmarket.

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