My Beauty Diary Arbutin Mask

After the fantastic Black Pearl Mask, I was full of expectations when I tested My Beauty Diary Arbutin Mask, from my Top7 box. I had never heard of arbutin before, and I discovered that it's a molecule found in wheat and pear skin, among others, which prevents the formation of melanin and is thus commonly used for its skin-lightening properties.

I'm not too excited about whitening products... I have freckles but I'm perfectly happy with them, and I'm fairly pale already. In fact, I enjoy looking a little more golden now that the California sun is getting me a tan! Since the brand promises brightening and smoothing effects, I decided to go for it anyway.

Well, I'm glad I did, cause now I know I'll never buy it again! 
First, the greatest thing about cotton sheet masks is that they're not messy. Somehow, this mask managed to keep dripping in my neck though. That was very irritating!

But the real let-down was that it didn't do anything for me. And I mean, nothing at all. My skin looked exactly the same, it wasn't smoother, it didn't look brighter or healthier, just the same old me. Worst, in the next couple of days, I got whiteheads on my forehead, mouth and nose areas, which almost never happens to me. Maybe this mask is effective as a skin-lightening product when used regularly, but I'm not interested! I want to keep my freckles and stay pimple free!

Overall, I would absolutely not recommend this mask, it was a big disappointment.

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