MAC Meteoric Cremesheen Glass

I'm in love with Cremesheen Glasses from MAC, for they're non-sticky, creamy, comfortable, and super shiny . This is definitely one of my favorite lipgloss formula. I'm always excited when new, limited edition shades are released, and picking only one from Heavenly Creature collection was tough! (I would've bought them all if my pockets were fuller...). 

I eventually chose Meteoric, because this coral, slightly shimmery color is right up my alley. Heading back home, I remembered I already got another Cremesheen called Geo-Pink from a previous collection, and I was afraid they would look very similar. Good news: they're completely different! 

Meteoric top and left
Geo-pink bottom and right

Meteoric is a pinky coral, fairly light, with incredibly fine golden shimmer, while Geo-Pink is much redder, darker, and has larger silver shimmer. Meteoric's shimmer almost disappears once applied, becoming only noticeable in direct sunlight, but by reflecting light it contributes to giving the shade its exquisite  "wet lips" shine. It has a slightly milky finish but it doesn't really emphasize fine lines. This shade is very summery and I feel like my whole face is illuminated when I wear it. 

Direct sunlight on the right,
shade on the left

The only downside is that the synthetic vanilla scent of Meteoric is really too intense, I find it quite overwhelming. However it disappears within minutes after application, I wouldn't have been able to stand it if stayed much longer!

From top to bottom: shade, direct sunlight, artificial light

Where to buy? Cremesheen Glasses are available at MAC stores and counters or online at Nordstrom and Macy's.

The product featured in this review was purchased by Lulle. I received no compensation to write this post, which only reflects my personal opinion. This post contains affiliate links.

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